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Theme 29: Traditions

Title: Starting Over
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Main Characters: Linda
Word Count: 536
Warnings: Language
Summary: Linda feels blue after the breakup with Michael

“Sullen thoughts,” Linda whispered aloud to the empty room. The heat of her breath clouded the window causing a halo of fog to circle the bluish glass.

They seemed to come with the first frost of the year. A blistering wave of melancholia would sweep over her as the nights grew longer spreading darkness further into her now solitary life. Her mama would tell her that she needed to get out more and see friends, family, hell anyone.

“Sitting at home, staring out the window, like some goddamn cat is not going to help you, Lidy,” her mama would lecture.

Looking at the clock, Linda took note of the time. It was going to be dark soon and her mood wouldn’t get better.

Michael had walked out with the last of his stuff two days ago. He had said that she needed to decide if they were still together or if it was time to move on. In the end, it seemed, he had decided for them.

In her fantasies, Linda pictured Michael flinging the door open to her apartment, rushing to where she sat, getting on his knees and begging forgiveness. She pictured tears streaming down his face, he would look thinner, as he told her of what a mistake he made walking out the door and what a fool he was not to realize what a wonderful person she was. She, in turn, would gently run her palm and fingertips against his cheeks, wiping away the tiny, salty streams and welcome him back. They’d make love by the fire until the earlier morning hours.

His Facebook status, though, told her that wasn’t going to happen. The words “Single – Again” glared at her from glow of her monitor.

Christmas was over and Valentine’s Day would soon be here. In the past, Michael and her celebrated the day of lovers at home and having a quiet dinner before going to bed. So much for love, Linda thought as her phone chirped indicating she had a text message.

“Might as well see what they want,” she said to the chilled glass. It was from her friend, Erica, “Going 2 B Creek Bar w girls from work. Come w us?”

Linda stared at the text for a few minutes. The air in the room began turning colder as the sun set. Linda knew if she stayed home, she’d probably crawl into bed or into a bottle of tequila. Neither option felt very appealing.

Then she thought of something else her mama had once told her. “Nobody’s gonna a give a shit about you until you give a fuck about yourself.” Somehow that made her feel better. Michael wasn’t the end of her life or the end of her world. She was better than this moping around. Her mama was right. Nobody was gonna help her out until she helped herself out first.

“Well, fuck it,” she said to the no one in the room as she replied back to Erica, “c u soon.”

“Might as well go have a good time,” she said as she stretched and made her way to the closet to get dressed. Some traditions would have to die so that others could start anew.
Tags: author: leticiae, theme 29: traditions

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