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Writing Addicts

A Contest Community

writing_addicts, A Contest Community
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A community where writers are prompted, challenged, and rewarded for their efforts.
writing_addicts is a writing community, hosting bi-weekly contests. Each contest has its own theme and word limit. Entries are voted on by members and watchers of the community; the story with the most votes wins a banner and bragging rights. A mod will give a theme for the first contest each month. Whoever is the "best overall" winner of the mod-themed contest gets to pick the theme for the next contest that month.

All original fiction is welcome - in any fandom or otherwise. Real person fiction, however, (fanfiction based on real life people) is not allowed (We're considering allowing memoirs, however, which you can vote on here ). Any other type of original fiction, with characters you create yourself or characters you lovingly borrow from you favorite book/tv/movie, is just fine.


Schedule: A new challenge is announced on the first and third Monday of every month. You have ONE WEEK to complete the challenge, which means that all entries are due on the second and fourth Monday of the month. Voting starts the next day, and winners are announced that Friday.

I know this is somewhat confusing, so here is an example of what the schedule of a month would look like:

October 2010
Monday, October 4th: a new mod-themed challenge is posted.
Monday, October 11th: all entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST.
Tuesday, October 12th: voting starts.
Friday, October 15th: voting ends and the Original Fiction, Fan Fiction, and Best Overall winners are announced.
Monday, October 18th: a new challenge is posted with the Best Overall Winner's theme.
Monday, October 25th: all entries must be submitted by 11:59 pm EST.
Tuesday, October 26th: voting starts.
Friday, October 29th: voting ends and the Original Fiction and Fan Fiction winners are announced.

Monday, November 1st: a new mod-themed challenge is posted.

See? That's not so confusing. Right?


1. All work must be original - no stealing!

2. All entries must be submitted on time (the second and fourth Mondays of every month, by 11:59 pm est) - late entries will not be accepted!

3. All works must be of fictional characters - stories of real people are not allowed (Jury's still out on memoirs so far).

4. Play NICE. This means no flaming, no mean comments, no vulgar suggestions, no excessive swearing, and no posting IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE ITS VERY ANNOYING. If you don't play nice, you will be banned and not allowed back.

5. All works need to be edited. Please at least read over your entry a few times and try your hardest to be grammatically correct. Beta readers are an even better idea. Please refrain from netspeak and oDd caPitaLizaTioN!

6. You can only enter one fic per contest. (One entry for original and/or one entry for fan fiction)

7. The word count included in each contest is the desired goal. If the contest requirement is 100 words, you should write 100 words (or as close to it as possible without going over) unless a plus sign (+) accompanies the word count requirement (100+), in which case you would meet the word count requirement of 100 words, but you would have the option of writing more than 100 words if it was your heart's desire.

8. All fics must be posted behind an lj cut.

9. TAG your entry with your screen name and the theme. If you are submitting a fanfiction, please also include your fandom and character. If its original fiction you're submitting, just your name and theme will do.

Tags: Author: TouchofViolet, Theme: 112 BBQ, Fandom: Hunger, Characters: My Tummy.

9. Please refrain from posting your fic anywhere besides the community until voting is over.

10. This community does not accept NC-17 works of fiction. R ratings are acceptable as long as they have proper warnings in their post.


How to Enter a Contest:

1. To enter, simply post your work of fiction directly to the community.
2. The subject line should contain the contest's theme.
3. The body of the post should contain the following information (here's an example):

Title: Space Cowboys
Type: Fanfiction - Firefly
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG - 13
Main Characters: River, Simon, and Kaylee
Word Count: 1000
Warnings: Contains cursing, partial nudity, and some violence.
Summary: River asks Simon about his definition of love, as he slowly realizes his feelings for Kaylee. Serenity never happened.

4. And the fic should be behind an lj cut.

(The Type line of info should contain whether or not your work is Original Fiction of FanFiction. If it is fanfiction, please specify fandom.)


How to Vote for the Contest:

There will be THREE categories to vote for - best fanfiction, best original fiction AND best overall.
The "Best Overall" category only shows up once a month when a mod posts a theme for a contest. Whoever wins this category picks the next theme for that month. The other two categories show up at every contest.

1. If you are a member or a watcher of the community, you may vote.
2. You cannot vote for yourself.
3. The VOTING POST will go up the day after all entries are due.
4. All voting comments will be screened.

We look forward to reading your work!


What to do if you Win a Contest:

Original Fiction- Enjoy your victory and your banner!

Fan Fiction- Enjoy your victory and your banner!

Best Overall- Post your prompt to the entry we will post declaring you the winner!

Theme Original Fiction Fanfiction
01-Child's Play jordinothepizza N/A
02-Tick Tock N/A touchofviolet
03-Water jordinothepizza N/A
04-Paean amethystus touchofviolet
05-Billow westwardwind amethystus
06-Equipoise N/A touchofviolet
07-Fold N/A touchofviolet
08-Sugar westwardwind & jordinothepizza N/A
09-Maelstrom jordinothepizza N/A
10-Wig In A Box N/A N/A
11-Outrageous westwardwind & jordinothepizza N/A
12-Clandestine N/A jordinothepizza
13-Dreary westwardwind N/A
14-Cinnamon westwardwind N/A
15-Holiday Surprise leticiae N/A
16-Dreams [Bad username: sacrificedalice"] N/A
17-Savvy [Bad username: leticiae] N/A
18-Confession [Bad username: herecirm] N/A
19-Leader [Bad username: leticiae] N/A
20-Blind Ambition N/A N/A
21-21 N/A N/A
22-Black and White N/A N/A
23-Flame [Bad username: pickingmybrain] N/A
24-Weddings N/A N/A
25-Impossible [Bad username: leticiae] N/A
26-Independence N/A N/A
27-Cake [Bad username: westwardwind] N/A
28-Opera N/A N/A


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